2018 Club Championship

Each race winner will receive 20 points, the best 8 of the 9 events to count.

  1. 4th March – SAW Sporting S6/21S
  2. 8th April – Giant S6/10
  3. 29th April – MCCC S102/16S
  4. 13th May – SAW S100/25
  5. 6th June – SAW S100/10
  6. 1st July – PZW S101/25
  7. 8th July – SAW S100/50
  8. 5th August – Giant S6/10
  9. 7th October – SAW Hillclimb Charlestown
4th March8th April29th April13th May6th June1st July8th July5th August7th OctoberMax 8 of 9 TT's to count
SAW SportingGiantMCCCSAWSAWPZWSAWGiantSAW1 Minimum value subtracted
NameS6/21S6/10S102/16SS100/25S100/10S101/25S100/50S6/10HC CharlestownTotal
Chris Guest19020181920202019155
Peter Maker1819017171919180127
Rose Willis16181815161716160132
Robin Brown13171714151817170128
Dean Vincent1701916180181917124
Deb Grills14161613141600089
Jason Mcgowan02002020000060
Joe Healey2000190000039
Paul Craddock15015000001444
Richard Shadbolt000001500015
Francesca Parker0000130001528
Michael Crane120000000012
Rory Parker000000002020
Ashley Tonkin000000001818
Alex Hoffen000000001616
Jeremy Meades000000001313