Club rides – Covid-19: Track and trace

Date: Friday, 31st July, 2020


The club will be supporting club rides from Sunday, 2nd August, 2020 in accordance with the guidelines from British Cycling (BC) until further notice. Obviously, the guidance can change daily from both HMG and BC and the club will react to any future changes.

Our overriding concern is the safety and welfare of our club members.

If you feel unable to adhere to the guidance below, please do not join a club ride.

Guidance from British Cycling

The full guidance and its updates can be found at

The following extract from the guidance is relevant to our club rides.

Following discussions with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, we have revised our guidance so that clubs and groups are now able to ride ‘one metre plus mitigations’ apart in all circumstances, in groups of six or fewer. The ‘mitigations’ listed by Government include being outdoors and being side-to-side (avoiding face-to-face contact), both of which are achieved in group riding.

Previously our guidance has been that riders from different households should remain at least two metres apart unless if is not safe or possible to do so, however we know that this often makes riding two abreast impossible and there are clear safety and practical issues with riding in groups of six single file. As riders are outdoors and not ‘face-to-face’ we requested that DCMS allow us to make this change and following their agreement groups are permitted to ride at ‘one metre plus mitigations’ in all circumstances with immediate effect.

Club requirements of club members and guests during a club ride

Club members must have priority on club rides.

A riding group must not exceed 6 including the group ride leader. If there are more than six riders, more groups must be formed with each being led by a designated ride leader.

Groups must not ride together but follow HMG/BC guidelines. It is the responsibility of every rider to ensure that the groups do not ride together and maintain social distancing at all times. Take particular care at road junctions and similar pinch points.

Guests can only ride once with the Club before joining and are required to complete the form below for the purpose of track and trace. Without the completion of this information a guest cannot join a club ride.

Riders from other clubs can be guests for more than one ride while they are on holiday but they must still complete the online ‘track and trace’ form for each ride.

Social distancing is a requirement – please see the above information from BC.

Currently, you are required to use a face covering for all internal spaces including shops and cafes and ferry crossings.

Rider’s are required to be able to undertake their own roadside repairs and punctures without assistance from others. In such circumstances, all riders must continue to adhere to social distancing guidance.

We recommend that each rider carries there own sanitizing gel.

Track and trace

Club members and guests riding a club ride agree that the club provides relevant information to the appropriate agencies for the purposes of track and trace. If you do not agree with this, please do not join a club ride.

Club ride guest registration