Bike Park Wales Again? Yes Please!!

If you’ve never been to BPW, it is an absolute must for every MTB rider, whatever you ride!

Monday, 19th August, 4:30 am

There’s nothing nice about getting up at that time of the morning but was tend to open the eyelids is the thought that you’re going to spend the whole day riding downhill in one the UK’s best bike parks.

This was the Club’s third trip to BPW in 2019 and there’ll be another before the year’s end. Keep some space in the diary for early December.

It’s like herding cats but eventually we’re organised with uplift passes, car-share, bikes and equipment and driving to BPW with an estimated arrival time of 10:00 am. The uplift service starts at that time and it’s best to make the most of the day.


There’s plenty of parking and check-in is very straight-forward. Before you know it we’re heading off down Norkle, a blue graded trail, to the uplift. It’s a short run and we’re soon loaded onto the bike trailer and being bounced around the inside of a well-used minibus.

Time for the first run!

With so much to choose from we’d always advise to warm-up on a couple blues before riding the more difficult graded trails. We choose Sixtapod and in a line head off down the mountain. One of our number who hadn’t been before was so excited they ended up cutting a beamed corner and finding rocks and debris before squirting back online!

Inevitably, riders find their flow and style exploring all the trails as far as their skills allow before the final rush to catch the last uplift at about 4:00 pm.

It’s been a good day, 8 runs (must be getting quicker!) and a great vibe. Big chillax at the end before the journey back. It’s a long day but you learn so much – it’s tiring, it’s exhilarating, it’s just amazing!

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