First Trip to BPW in 2020 – Amazing!

BPW, as usual, proved a brilliant trip despite the rain and depleted crew. The weather forecast was not encouraging with rain and strong winds in the morning but clearing for the afternoon runs.

But … the trails proved to be running perfectly, scrubbed clean by the rain I guess! There’s always a plus to poor weather. 😂

Peter’s first run down to the uplift on his first visit to BPW seemed to cause a sort of vacant expression to his face as he arrived at the uplift queue! 😂 The uplifts were running regularly so it wasn’t long before we dropped into Sixtapod for a warm-up and then into Willy Waver. Unfortunately, the bottom half was closed so we had a detour to rejoin Noelle and back to the uplift.

The rest of the group were now on their own, bashing down the reds that were still open. Four or five of the red runs were closed due to re-building or repairs – the weather on the mountain during the winter had clearly taken its toll!

Next up, Pete and I hit Melted Welly, Blue Belle and Norkle back to the uplift and another ride down Sixtapod before lunch. Pete headed for food while I decided on another run and met the rest of the group again on the uplift. One more Melted Welly, etc. for me while the others jumped on Wibbly Wobbly.

After a late lunch it was back to the uplift for another couple of runs so we all rode Terry’s Belly while Sam and Steve opted for Poppity Ping. Sam is now called Sam ‘Tigger’ Berry! Popping off anything from a snail shell to a gap jump so while Pete and I rode down Terry’s Belly I could hear the whoops and (or was it a scream from Steve) on Poppity Ping. We all met up half way down and Steve was a little animated after his near death experience trying an endo landing on one of the jumps! Luckily it ended well cos he was driving! 😂

Time for one more run so I opted for a favourite, Vicious Valley with Steve.

The first time I rode this about 6 months ago I couldn’t ride the drop off the ramp and had to clamber down before riding the trail. Roots, rocks, small drops were all hard and some were walked down. On Monday I found VV to be almost benign and loved every second. At the bottom Steve started talking about a tricky root/rock section and I had to admit I hadn’t noticed it! It’s amazing how your skills and perspective change in a relatively short space of time.

I finished off on Blue Belle while Steve rode Surfin’ Bird and we met agin at the tunnel. Steve rode Deep Navigation on his hard tail 🤪 while I opted for a fast Bush Whacker and we both ended up at the same exit.

Time for a hot chocolate and a Mars bar while we waited for Pete in the cafe. Time was ticking on and still no Pete. We were considering a search party when he appeared, apparently delayed by a ‘close inspection of the trail’ at one point but no damage, just a silly grin!!

Fab trip and we’re already talking dates for the next one! Keep an eye on our Facebook Group page for details under ‘Events’. Who’s in?
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