Notes for Riders and Parents/Guardians/Carers

A1 Data Protection

The information provided on this form will be used for the purposes of providing you/your child with coaching services throughout the year. This information will be stored, processed and destroyed in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

A2 Bike, Helmet and Clothing

It is the responsibility of the rider (or their parent/guardian/carer if aged under 18) to ensure that their bike, helmet and clothing is appropriate, well maintained and in a safe condition prior to participating in every session. Riders must wear a helmet which complies with current safety regulations when riding their bike.

A3 Traffic Free Environments

  • Riders under the age of 12 are only permitted to participate in coaching activities in a traffic-free environment.
  • In some instances, it may be necessary for the coach to move riders from one location to another, which may require limited use of the public highway. For example, moving from the meeting point to the coaching area, or between coaching areas. Riders under the age of 18 will be under the coach’s direct supervision throughout the route.
  • Young riders are expected to remain in the session from beginning to end. If a rider has to leave early or is being collected by someone other than the parent/guardian/carer, the coach must be informed of this arrangement, including who will be collecting the rider.
  • All riders are expected to behave in a manner that does not impact on the fun and safety of other riders. The coach may exclude riders who persistently misbehave or put other riders in danger.

A4 Public Highway

When riding on the pubic highway, riders should be able to do so in a safe and competent manner. It is recommended that the rider should at least one of the following:

  • Previously demonstrated in a traffic-free area, the riding skills required to ride on the public highway in a safe, confident and consistent manner;
  • Have substantial experience of riding on the road already;
  • Have attained at least Level 2 Bikeability.

A5 Participating in Prescribed Training

  • Only British Cycling Level 3 qualified coaches may prescribe training for individual riders;
  • A coach may only prescribe training for individuals aged 14 years or older;
  • Training prescription may include a variety of activities in a variety of environments including the public
    highway. These sessions may be prolonged and intense;
  • Riders will be required to perform sessions without the supervision of a coach, so for riders under the age
    of 18, the parent/guardian/carer will be entirely responsible for their safety in such circumstances;
  • For younger riders, one-to-one training should focus on learning how to train, rather than on specific performance goals. Therefore, it is recommended that only riders over the age of 16 participate in prescribed training;
  • All riders participating in prescribed training must complete a Rider Profile form or equivalent;
  • Riders are required to provide feedback to the coach regarding training, racing and any other factors that are likely to affect their cycling performance. This feedback is fundamental to the coaching process and the coach may cease to provide training prescription when not provided.

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