Track Day – 20th July, 2019

Organised by Wadebridge Coasters, the Track Day was a focus for our Youth Academy riders who are always up for a race.

Riders competed in:

  • Year 1 Balance Bike Race;
  • Year 4 Keirin;
  • Year 1 Scratch Race;
  • Year 3 Team Pursuit;
  • Year 5 Keirin;
  • Year 8 Madison;
  • Year 3 Elimination Race;
  • Year 1 Team Sprint;
  • Year 2 Elimination Race;
  • Year 8 Keirin;
  • Year 3 Team Sprint;
  • Year 5 Team Pursuit;
  • Year 8 Longest Lap.

An incredibly busy morning and very competitive with both teams, Wadebridge Coasters and SAW Youth Academy only separated by 4 points before the start of the final race.

Wadebridge Coasters: 257 Points
SAW Youth Academy: 217 Points

Coach Andrew praised everyone, “To say I’m proud of everyone competing today would be a massive understatement!! Team work, supporting your fellow wheelers, big efforts and bigger smiles all around. A close competition (4 points) until the very last race. Hope to see you all next term :)”

Congratulations SAWYA Team!


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