Social Road Rides

We usually meet every Sunday at Polkyth Leisure Centre and DEPART at 08:30 am

Details of the ride will be posted in the Club’s Facebook Group a day or two before.

Please ensure the suggested ride is suitable for you and if you have any queries please add a comment to the Facebook post and the ride leader will respond.

Depending on numbers, there may be 2 Groups but if not, the ride will be an ‘all-inclusive’ group ride.

If two groups:

Group 1 will cover between 40 and 50 miles and averaging, again depending on terrain, around 13mph – 15mph. This will be an ideal pace for those returning from injury or riders wanting some steady base winter miles or new riders riding with the Club who want to see what a club ride is like without worrying about being left behind.

Group 2 will be a faster paced ride covering between 50 and 70 miles (depending on attendees) and will require a good level of fitness and stamina. Average speeds will vary depending on terrain but is usually between 15mph and 17mph.

The aim will be for the 2 groups to meet for coffee if possible so that club members can all meet sociably.

In the event of a mechanical or someone not able to stay with the group, the ride leader will ensure you will not be left without company or technical assistance.

If one group:

The format of the ride will be similar to the ‘Group 1’ ride described above except the distance may be longer than the normal Group 1 ride. Please check with the ride leader if you’re unsure about the distance or average speed posted for the ride. Ride Leaders are experienced at bringing a group together at junctions and the tops of climbs.

Riders attending SAW club rides are expected to adhere to the following:

  • All riders must wear a helmet (no exceptions)
  • If you’re new to the group, make yourself known to the ride leader
  • The ride leader will advise before the ride any appropriate ride protocols such as procedures in cases of emergency, rider separation from the group, mechanicals including punctures, etc.
  • All adult riders are responsible for their own well-being during the ride and should be prepared for situations such as adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems and flat tyres
  • All riders must ensure their bike is safe to ride and well maintained
  • Ride within your capabilities both up and down hills – ride leaders will ensure the group will re-group at the tops of climbs and at junctions (do not feel you’re holding anyone back – they secretly long for a rest anyway!)
  • Whilst riding, riders at the front of a group, where possible, will warn of hazards in the road, e.g. potholes, debris, traffic, pedestrians, wildlife, etc
  • Riders must be at least 12 years old or older and be competent to ride the route proposed. Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a person who will take responsibility for the young rider and ensure that they are not left on their own during the ride.
  • All participants should comply with the current Highway Code
  • Have lights if you are going to be riding after dark and use them on busy roads
  • Never leave the group without informing the ride leader
  • Enjoy the ride and the company!

Volunteers to lead club rides are being requested.

Things to consider for the leader:

  1. Weather.
  2. Group strength and size.
  3. Route selection.
  4. Traffic.
  5. Aim of the ride.